• Doctor
    • Cinzia Soresina
    • University of Graz
    • Mathematics

Chain reactions in population dynamics

In this talk, I will discuss how chain reactions enter in the mathematical modelling of population dynamics, from simple one-population models to reaction-cross-diffusion systems, and to the derivation of classical functional responses by time-scale arguments. Finally, other possible applications (like epidemiology, network dynamics, and pest management) will be shown.


Dr Soresina is Assistant Professor at the University of Graz (Austria) working in the Applied Analysis Group. She achieved her Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2017 at the University of Milano (Italy). She has later been a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Lisbon, visiting postdoc at Universit√© Paris 7 (France), and from 2018 to 2020 (EuroTech) Marie Curie fellow at the Technical University of Munich (Germany). Her research interests mainly focus on mathematical models in ecology and biology, dynamical systems, bifurcations and pattern formation.‚Äč