The FMF Symposium is the largest annual scientific event of the FMF. Each year it revolves around a specific theme, which is based on current events in science. Dutch and international speakers who are renowned in their field present their research in physics, astronomy, mathematics and computing science. The Symposium attracts many bachelor and master students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, but of course staff members, PhD’s and others are also welcome.

With the theme “Forces of Nature” we aim to address the origin and consequences of some of the most extreme forces, giving our visitors a small peak into the fascinating science that shapes our world.

In nature, everything changes as a result of many forces. On an everyday scale the most interesting forces of nature come in all shapes and sizes. Observing the skies, we witness the violent processes in the universe which cannot be recreated on earth. Which phenomena are going on above our heads and under our feet? How can we model these extremely complicated processes? In the meantime, all interactions boil down to four fundamental forces. Scientists from all fields collaborate to create a unifying theory to understand and describe these same forces on the smallest scale. Is it even possible to end the search for a ‘Theory of Everything’ and what would this mean for our understanding of the universe?

The committee

The Symcie is the organizing committee for the FMF Symposium. Tasks include contacting potential speakers, arrange sponsoring, finding a suitable location and promoting the event. It is a great way to gain experience in the organization of a large event, but also to get familiar with current research and topics that are not included in the curriculum.


  • Oscar Koster - Chair
  • Bas de Pooter - Secretary
  • Bas Schoonbeek - Treasurer
  • Lianne de Jonge - Business commissioner