The FMF Symposium, the largest annual scientific event of the FMF, brings together experts and enthusiasts from (Applied) Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy alike. Renowned Dutch and international speakers captivate eager audiences with their cutting-edge research. While the symposium traditionally draws bachelor and master students from The University of Groningen's Faculty of Science and Engineering, it warmly welcomes staff members, PhD candidates, and others.

Each year, the symposium embraces a new theme. This year's choice is "Symmetry and Harmony". We have tried to interpret it in the broadest sense possible to include diverse speakers from Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy and even Computer Science. Through these varied lenses, we aim to explore the intricate connections between these fields and the beauty of the universe at large.

This topic intrigued us because it truly showcases the elegance of our world. From the laws of physics to the fundamentals of mathematics, everything is intricately intertwined, leaving us in awe of the connections we uncover. Join us on this journey of discovery at the FMF Symposium, where we'll unravel the mysteries of the universe's elegant design together!

The committee

Symcie is the committee of the FMF, the study association for (Applied) Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy to The University of Groningen, in charge of organising this event. Tasks include contacting potential speakers, arranging sponsoring, finding a suitable location and promoting the event. It is a great way to gain experience in the organization of a large event, and also to get familiar with current research and topics that are not included in the curriculum.